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The Love Academy - Belinda Jones.

Release Date: 19 July 2007
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Arrow
Pages: 386
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Amazon Synopsis:
Do you have enough romance in your life?   Journalist Kirsty Bailey would have to answer no. She has the essential starter kit - a boyfriend - but somehow Joe seems to have skipped the vows of for better/for worse and gone straight to for granted.
But then just as she's on the verge of settling for a swoon-free existence, Kirsty's magazine sends her to a majestic Venetian palazzo to attend the much gossiped-about Love Academy... Her undercover mission? To prove her editor's theory that this 'school for singles' is nothing more than an escort agency with a sexy accent and fancy glass chandeliers.   But what if her editor is wrong and their promise of true amore is for real? Will Kirsty be able to resist the kind of moonlit temptations she's been dreaming of for years, or is her relationship with Joe going, going, gondola?   If you think Casanova was a bad boy, just wait until you see what Cupid has in store for Kirsty...

The cover...
The cover is sweet and is perfect for this book.  Not to give anything away, all I way say is that once you read the book, you will know why.  However the hint being "Will Kirsty be able to resist the kind of moonlit temptations she's been dreaming of for years, or is her relationship with Joe going, going, gondola?" from the summary above.

How did I find out about this book?
A while back I didn't have money spare to buy a lot of books so instead I borrowed from a friend and this was one that caught my eye.

My opinion...
Although parts of this book confused me, for example, the Italian phrases, I still found this book to have a clear story to tell.

There are two main things that I loved about it.  The first being that every chapter started with a quote, whether this quote be about love or about Venice (the location of the book).  I love quotes, and I found each quote to be a hint for what was to come. The second being that fate is a recurring aspect.  As a big believer in fate, I found this book to be really heartwarming, I guess the romantic in me made it more enticing also.

Although the book did give a lot of description, most of this was on the location of Venice.  There was not much description on the characters to give the reader the full effect.  However, in my opinion, I still warmed to the main character of Kirsty, the charming Dante, and the 'unromantic' Joe.

To end, I think that this is a book that could keep you happily content whilst sitting on a beach on holiday in the sun.

If you enjoyed this book: what to read next...
Near the end of this book, another of Belinda Jones' books titled I Love Capri is mentioned, with the bringing back of the main characters and from reading some reviews on this book and from the advice of my friend, it seems like this is a good book to read next, to find out exactly who the main characters are and how they came to be the ones getting married in The Love Academy.

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