Saturday, 21 January 2012

Zombie Challenge 2012.

The eighth challenge that I am participating in this year is the Zombie Challenge!
The challenge is to read as many Zombie books as you can in 2012.

The levels are as follows: [1] One Chomp: Read 6 Zombie books; [2] Two Chomps: Read 12 Zombie books; [3] Three Chomps: Read 18 Zombie books; [4] Four Chomps: Read 24 Zombie books.

The level in bold is the one I have chosen, I don't think this will change as I have many other challenges that I am participating in and I think I can only manage six for this challenge, but we'll see!

I will update this post with every book that I read relevant to this challenge.

To find out more about this challenge and to sign up click on the button below!

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